Approval of repost is based upon the following criteria, all un-approved songs will be refunded upon decision (within 24 hours of purchase). 
Songs must suit the 'Heavy Bass' style we go for at DWP. This includes but is not limited to: Dubstep, Brostep, Drumstep, GlitchHop, Trap, Hybrid Trap, Neurofunk, Jump Up, Riddim, Tearout, Freeform.

*Upon purchase, please leave the link to the song in the 'notes' section at checkout. If you have not linked your song we will email you in order to get the link. If we fail to hear back from you within 7 days, you will be refunded.

Specialising in marketing and promotions within the EDM industry, DWP is designed for the sole purpose of supporting artists worldwide to build and grow their brand. With direct promotional services as well as educational lessons to help you better understand the world of marketing, we believe you could be the next big thing, and so we want to help you get there!


We here at DWP know exactly where you need help, we asked over one hundred EDM producers where they struggled with the most and the answers were not surprising.

Mixing/Mastering, Promotion, Marketing/Selling Yourself!

So we've gone and put together a variety of services to help you grow and sell yourself online. From top quality mixing and mastering to 1on1 promotional lessons to get you growing your brand at an exponential rate, we at DWP have the resources for you to become pro in no time! 

Be sure to also check out our EPK service where we can show you how to create your own artist website and merchandise.
We offer this all at reasonable prices because both Matt and myself (Kai) know exactly what it means to be a producer and the light wallet that comes with. It's not an easy life when you need a new midi keyboard, those three plugins, to get off Abletons trial and/or to go support your local shows and acts.